Why Invest In Real Estate?

Land will not manufactured in any company. Earth is limited. Where as population growing and people depended exponentially on earth to live their life. You can think as a simple supply and demand you can find how real estate is important . Lot of people get billionaire with real estate and still growing them self in real estate. So why not you ?


But first you have to decide either you want to be in list of billionaires who build them self with the help of real estate.

If yes then this blog is for you.

Thinking of investing in real estate people feels little bit conservative such as What to Buy ? How to Buy etc. And other different questions will be raised in their mind which will create a doubt and lost their best deals for investing.

The best solution for this doubt to focus on CTN.


  1. Create your Criteria

    Always develop your criteria before investing on any thing to set your focus on which you earn money such as Location, Type ,Range , Solo or Partner,  Investor . Criteria will be filter your opportunity that help you to take actions rapidly and give you best deals.

  2. Terms 

    On second phase you have to understand financial part of your deal. This is very important that deal will closed on what on terms. When you get the right opportunity which is fit on your criteria then you move forward to terms. And then you better know the best price of the deal and you can purchase that deal with bargain. NOT TO BUY UNLESS RIGHT TERMS AND BUT AT RIGHT PRICE. Because if you can buy on wrong price it can be risky deal. Do not depend on future market price. Buy a deal which have a profit while purchasing.

  3. Network

    You have to focus on those people who help you to figure out in best deals from starts to end. You can understand best criteria’s when you get useful knowledge such as brokers , useful people etc. The more you understand the useful people you can get more opportunities. So always grow your network.

There are four types of investing approach and people:

  1. Observer

    Observers are those people who knows very well when market will go up and down. They have complete knowledge of market. But still they did not take actions . they still and wait and looking for some thing better.

  2. Speculators 

    These people always take risk because they think that taking risk is always a fun. They do not have enough knowledge wisdom they just invest it.

  3. Owners 

    These type of people always like to purchase a property and feels good to own a property. They only purchase for their own emotional needs.

  4. Investors

    Investors are those people who have good qualities of observer, speculators and owners. They have good knowledge like observer and take actions.
    They take risk but with all good thought process not only for fun like speculators.
    They always feel good to have owns property but not only for fulfill their emotional needs but to understand there investment values.

So , You should always be to like a investor who have wisdom actions , calculated risks and obviously for a good profit.