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Five Factors That Determine Your House Value

If you are searching for a new house, whether live in or rent, you must want to consider a host of factors. These are the factors that can cast their impact on the value of your house. At, we not only focus on facilitating you in buying or selling your house online but we also want to aid you in making you the best decision for you. Therefore in this post, we are discussing factors that can affect your house value.



One of the most significant factors that can directly impact the value of your house is the feature it provides. For instance, there are some house styles that are more preferred by buyers. Also, the age and size of your house as compared to other options available can impact the value of your house.



The condition of your house is a major factor in predicting the value of your house. Factors like paint, flooring, walls, ceiling, doors and windows are a few things that play a vital role in determining the value of your house.  Buyers also look for other things such as plumbing, repairs, electricity work when they evaluate the value of your house. A house that requires no renovation and is in top class condition has more value than the one that lacks even the most necessary routine maintenance.


Neighborhood Surroundings

Another great factor that can affect your house value is the surroundings where your house is located. Everyone desires to have their house located in an area surrounded with greenery and clean neighborhood. Great neighborhood increases the value of your house by approximately 25%.


Luxurious Features

Surely, the features of fountains, swimming pool and lush green garden are great to impress someone, but you will be surprised to know that these factors can negatively impact your house value. The main reason why these high-end features reduce the value of your house is that these features require a great maintenance cost.


Geographical Stability

This factor is a condition related to geographical or geological instability. If the area where your house is located is prone to suffer from power cuts, water shortages and other natural disaster like flooding, then these conditions can affect the value of your house. Moreover, the elements of safety and security also play an important role in determining the value of your house. An area that is known for poor safety and street crimes will lessen the value of your house.


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