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King’s Garden Karachi at Scheme 33

Kings Group has released another residential undertaking by way of the call of Kings Garden. The mission consists of a 120 sq.yards one unit bungalows and 5 rooms luxurious residences. Booking is open for both flats and bungalows on first come served foundation and can be booked in 3 years easy installments or cash payment.


Kings Garden in Karachi is located at Scheme 33, off the university road near to Safoora Chowk and Rozciya Society and adjacent to Kiran Hospital.

Features & Amenities:

Spacious Car Parking Area.
CCTV Cameras.
Secured living.
Kids Play area.
High-speed lifts.
Parks & Play Grounds With Bungalows.
Community Centre.
Near to Commercial Markets.

Payment Plans:

120 Sq Yards Bungalows:

Cash Amount: Rs 125,00,000/-
Booking: Rs 45,00,000/-
18 Monthly: Rs 125,000/-
3 Half Yearly: Rs 300,000/-
Foundation: Rs 450,000/-
Plinth: Rs 450,000/-
Slab Casting: Rs 750,000/-
Block Masonry: Rs 750,000/-
Plaster: Rs 750,000/-
Finishing: Rs 750,000/-
Possession: Rs 950,000/-

Extra Charges:

West Open: Rs 200,000/-
Corner: Rs 500,000/-
Road Facing: Rs 200,000/-
Park Facing: Rs 200,000/-

5 Rooms Apartments:

Cash Amount: Rs 10,500,000/-
Booking: Rs 500,000/-
Confirmation: Rs 500,000/-
Allocation: Rs 500,000/-
Start of work: Rs 500,000/-
36 Monthly: Rs 47,000/-
6 Half Yearly: Rs 185,000/-
Foundation: Rs 400,000/-
Plinth: Rs 400,000/-
Slab Casting: Rs 90,000/-
Block Masonry: Rs 390,000/-
Plaster: Rs 390,000/-
Plumbing: Rs 390,000/-
Electrification: Rs 384,000/-
Finishing: Rs 384,000/-
Possession: Rs 17,00,000/-

Extra Charges:

West Open: Rs 150,000/-
Corner: Rs 250,000/-
Road Facing: Rs 200,000/-
Allocated Parking: Rs 300,000/-

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